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World Wide Way

1992 online Way

Start your work at your office,
finish it at home
& send it to the customer by e-mail for virtual tour!


Design anywhere & anytime

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Easy - Fast - Effective

for Kitchen - Bathroom - Closet


Design - Presentation - Costing - Raw materials analysis
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New Interface!

Ribbon UI offers ...

comfortable & user friendly environment
access to basic applications from application button
easy & quick access to all commands
shortcuts configuration

& additional control buttons for saving space
Available libraries for furniture & materials

Αpart from system libraries, 1992 provides free libraries of known companies for furniture and materials.

Create realistic interior design

1992 is user friendly and feature rich 3D design software for any kind interior design.

Prices based on your needs

Whether you are professional designer or not, 1992 has pricing plans for everyone.

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